Creas publishes its annual impact report

Creas publishes its annual impact report

9 July 2020

Putting impact at the heart of our decisions is key to building the meaningful world we wish for.


Putting impact at the heart of our decisions is key to building the meaningful world we wish for. We believe that impact is and will be a key lever for long-term value creation and a differential value for consumers and customers, and also investors. We embrace the integration of change into the management of the companies we invest in, and this is the reason why we speak of management FROM impact, while measuring impact to foster an integrating vision. This year we are publishing our fifth impact report for Creas Desarrolla and the first one for Creas Impacto. The publication of these reports is also meant to be a transparency and openness exercise contributing to the standardisation and improvement of this sector, and we hope they may be useful.


Creas Impacto
As this is the first impact report concerning the Creas Impacto FESE fund, we wanted to share what Impact means and represents for Creas, and to explain the actions we carry out to measure and manage Impact. The report describes very precisely the type of impact we wish to generate and how our approach is based on the convergence of the “what” (purpose) and the “how” (essence) of things, of the long road we have travelled since our beginnings (experience) and of our appetite for evolving and proposing new ways, new paths (innovation). In 2019, Creas Impacto’s first investee, Trilema, provided training to more than 5,000 teachers and transformed 64 schools whose failure rates have now dropped almost to 0%.

You can check Creas Impacto FESE’s Report


Creas Desarrolla
2019 was a year of growth for Creas Desarrolla’s investees. In terms of impact, the company that grew the most was Sadako, with a 290% growth with respect to 2018, while Koiki increased the number of Koikis by more than 50% and Smileat’s penetration significantly increased in families and municipalities. In this report we also describe our participation in strengthening the sector through the NAB (National Advisory Board) and other initiatives such as Youth Business Spain or Social Impact Contracts.

You can check Creas Desarrolla’s Impact Report