what do we invest in?

Education and Employment

We encourage a new education system that efficiently responds to future challenges, focuses on the holistic development of both children and adults, and is based on humanism and technology.

Health and

We encourage care as the basis for quality of life. We favour elderly people and vulnerable groups through integrative, disruptive service models.


We promote sustainable growth in balance with the environment. We invest in companies that promote sustainable production, consumption and mobility and the efficient use of resources.

Social innovation

We encourage the development of an inclusive, fair, transparent economy. We rely on innovative technologies and business models that facilitate the social inclusion of people with different abilities.

investment criteria

Innovative impact

A disruptive proposition that is scalable to major social and/or environmental challenges.


A solid, experienced team, aligned with impact, our values and professional ethics.


A proven, scalable business model with revenues exceeding €1M.


An ambitious development plan with a preference for international projection.



Companies at late/growth stage



Between €1M and €3M per investment



Based in Spain and in the EU

what do we provide?

All our conversations start and end with the same question: how can I help you?

We provide financial resources, as well as our ability to attract and entice additional funding through our network and our relationships with other funds and institutions.

As a CEO once requested, “We will support you in hard times and give you a push during good ones.”

We are constantly learning. And we have already progressed and grown. We will provide you with support in a number of questions regarding strategy, operations, growth, funding, governance, etc.

Focus on impact
On long-term value. We embrace the vision and the ultimate purpose of the company, the change we want to bring about in the world. This is our real essence, and the most important lever for future value creation.

We put our network at the service of the project. We are part of a larger whole in Spain and in the EU. We are people working with people, for people.



Creas Desarrolla and Creas Impacto.



€30M under management



16 investments and 6 disinvestments.

I have one life and I want to dedicate it to changing the world. I choose not to choose between social and economic impact, and thus to transform the lives of millions of people with chronic conditions and of caregivers.

Oriol Fuertes
CEO of Qida