We focus on what’s essential and strive to go one step further. We innovate in terms of products, business models, organisation and management models, value propositions, technologies, and investment formulas.

We are pioneers


We were the first to launch an impact fund in 2008 and started the first B-Corp fund in Spain in 2020.

We believe in human growth


We consider investing as an opportunity for growth, not only at business level, but also at organisational and individual level. We place our focus and our attention on the personal and collective evolution of companies, as we are certain that value creation is only possible if human value is also enhanced.

We seek consistency in “being” and “doing”


We are driven by the proactive intention to solve a social or environmental problem and to create systemic change.

We are open to constant learning


We are always keen to listen and learn, to explore, discover, adapt and evolve. We explore more collaborative, inclusive business models, disruptive technological propositions that encourage transparency and scalability, incentive systems linked to impact, and open, collaborative relationships that bring further value.

We encourage an improved sector


Our commitment to our vision of the world and the evolution towards an Impact Economy is reflected in our active participation in major institutions and work groups at European level (Spain NAB, IMP, EVPA, Ascri and Spainsif) to promote analysis standards and best practices in measuring and managing impact.

From Fundación Creas we try and promote initiatives that boost our impact on society:

Social Impact Contracts
Creas is part of the “Social Impact Bonds Spain” alliance, together with Social Finance, UpSocial and Inuit, to encourage results-based contracts in public administrations.

We provide training on impact investment, impact measuring or new social enterprise models at a number of universities, such as Universidad Complutense (Masters in Competitive Social Transformation), Instituto de Empresa (IE), UNED (distance-learning university), and also for different bodies, such as the European Venture Philanthropy Organization (EVPA).

Impact Foundations’ Fund
Following the guidance of Open Value Foundation and Anesvad, Creas takes part in a foundations’ fund aimed at supporting newly-created impact enterprises with a highly social focus.

Youth Business School
We have co-launched a mentoring programme for the youth aimed at improving their employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.