What world do we believe in?



Another world is possible.

A real world, far from utopias. A world that can be “touched”.

Fairer and more inclusive, more equitable. More accountable.

A world where value is found in a connection to oneself, to others and to the planet.

Where the words “responsibility” and “consistency” are put to action.

A world in better harmony, where individual and collective action makes total sense, with a higher, transcending purpose.


At CREAS we are working to make this a reality and to generate, from a new angle, a systemic, transformative change, by mobilizing capital, energy and talent.


We champion the creation of an ecosystem of investors, companies and workers to generate a multiplier effect and build an increasingly sustainable and respectful society through investing.


We are dreamers but have our feet on the ground, creators stirring ourselves into action to make this a reality because we believe that this new world is possible.

By being audacious, honest, diligent and trustworthy.

Together, we make progress as a network.


We believe in a meaningful world.